Ukakomerc, Award winner, Century International Gold Quality Era Award

This award recognizes Uka Komerc for its outstanding commitment to quality and excellence in the realm of Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Strategic Planning and Benchmarking as established in the QC100 TQM system. Business Initiative Directions (BID) promotes Quality Culture in about 173 countries.

The International BID Quality Award is awarded on the basis of commitment to the criteria outlined in the QC100 TQM (Total Quality Management) which serves as a guideline to business leaders in the improvement of process and systems. BID measures companies on 100 parameters of quality based on the QC100 Total Quality Management Model which can be summarized as the following principles:

  • Quality driven approach
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Planning and Decision-making
  • Leadership, Communication Strategies
  • Human Resources, Education and Training
  • Benchmarking, Information and Data Analysis
  • Processes, Production Systems, ISO 9000, TQM
  • Business Results

TQM is an organizational approach to customer satisfaction involving customers, people and the continuous improvement of processes. It emphasizes on promoting a Quality Culture with employees, clients, suppliers and community. Key aspects of successful TQM program also include system efficiency, job satisfaction, and role in society, environment, and technological renewal. Several large corporations from around the world participate and incorporate this technology of QC100 TQM model.